The System of Great Schools Strategy


How to get more kids in great schools every year

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Manage School Performance:

The district annually conducts a quality seats analysis and strategic school actions planning process that informs its Call for Quality Schools.

Outputs include:


Expand Great Options:

The district annually conducts a Call for Quality schools to identify high-capacity educators and partner organizations to incubate new, replicate successful, and restart struggling schools with a focus on autonomous networks.

Outputs include:


Improve Access to Options:

The district increases access to school choice options and helps families identify and attend their best-fit school.

Outputs include:


Empower Autonomous Schools:

The district creates an Office of Innovation and structures its staffing, authorizing, and financial policies to execute its SGS strategy.

Outputs include:


When districts regularly measure school performance, expand high-potential programs, allow families to flow to the program that suits them best, give educators the latitude they need to do what’s best for the kids in their school, and continuously refine all of these practices, districts see improved school performance over time.