1.2 Identify school actions and develop guidelines for applying them


+ School action policies connect the output of your school performance framework to the actions you will take to ensure more students have access to better schools.

A fully articulated policy will include the following:

High-level analysis of district trends like school enrollment trends, budget projections, and major legislative changes that inform multi-year strategic goal and policy development.

A multi-year district goal articulating a measurable commitment to improving school quality.

Eligibility criteria and decision-making considerations that link school performance and other critical school data with school actions, providing guidance on when the district will take action and, as importantly, when the district will not take action in schools.

Engagement and communication plans for stakeholders on district goals, potential school actions, and supporting rationale.

+ School actions and guidelines for how and when to apply them should be tightly aligned to your school performance framework.

A clear, coherent relationship between the school performance framework and the policy guiding decisions about school actions will help ensure the actions of school leaders and teams, the district central office, and the communities they serve are aligned to the ultimate goal of getting more students in better schools.

+ You don't need sophisticated data tools or a big team to start making an impact - build on what you do now to improve schools.

Get started with the following steps:

  1. Build a high-level analysis of district context and trends.
  2. Engage leadership and other critical stakeholders in setting bold, achievable goals on school quality.
  3. Establish the full set of potential school actions and define for each: the supports provided, the expectations, the total lifetime cost, and the expected impact.
  4. Define eligibility criteria and decision-making considerations that align school performance and other school data with school actions.

Throughout the process, thoughtful stakeholder engagement and communication is required.