3.1 Build and launch “school chooser” tools & supports 


+ Families can't meaningfully choose between school options if they don't have a way to compare them. Shifting to a system of great schools requires districts to provide clear, simple, useful and accessible school information to families.

Districts should make information about all schools accessible to families through multiple avenues including online resources, paper (brochures, pamphlets, advertisements, etc) and in-person (expos, school information fairs, etc.). When researching and choosing a school, families should have easy access to information such as:

Basic school information: Location and neighborhood served, contact information, enrollment, grades served, principal name, family coordinator name, school type (charter, district, magnet, etc.) and any unique aspects about the school.

Performance data: School performance framework grade, state assessment data, attendance data, suspension data, and school safety data.

Comprehensive school guides: Basic school information and performance data for all schools should be easily sortable and in one comprehensive guide for public consumption (online and in print).

Enrollment navigators: Ability to search schools based on specific location and transportation requirements; navigators are connected to basic school information and performance data.

+ Develop supports for families throughout the school selection process, with in-person enrollment events including in-person expos, school information fairs, or registration events.

Families should have a clear understanding of what types of schools are available and how these schools address their child’s unique needs and circumstances. Information about school quality, transportation options, and application processes should be clear and accessible.

The central office and schools should see a fair representation of school information and data in the public sphere and nonbiased navigation tools to ensure equitable recruitment and enrollment of families and coordination of school information across district and charter schools.