3.2 Design and implement a unified enrollment system


+ A unified enrollment (UE) system can simplify the admissions and enrollment processes for families and ensure that more families have access to high-quality schools.

The term “unified enrollment” (UE) encompasses a set of policies designed to give parents a simple, informative, transparent, and fair way to access any school in the district.

A UE system can give greater access to school information and school quality for parents and a simplified, streamlined process to enable them to apply to multiple schools.

A UE system can reduce the administrative burden for schools, and provide earlier information about school enrollment that supports better budgeting, staffing, and overall planning at the central office.

Lastly, a UE system can provide more visibility into what families want (demand data), more stability (less, or more predictable, student movement), and greater equity (fair enrollment) across the system.

+ A UE system is a combination of several policies and tools.

UE systems include:

One application: A majority of schools (and hopefully all) – both district and charter – opt into a system that lists all school options and provides a simple process for families to choose a number of schools to apply to on one common timeline.

A matching algorithm: All applications are placed in a central clearinghouse and student matches are developed through a transparent (and verifiable) algorithm. Algorithms generally support a number of “preferences” that are applied to specific students. These preferences will favor some students over others for placement in a school. For example, a common preference is “sibling preference.” If a student applies to a school that her sibling already attends, she will be given precedence over another student who does not have a sibling attending that school. The development of preferences is a collective effort among the central office and schools, and a critical component of the UE work.

One system administrator: Rather than giving authority to multiple entities to enroll students, a single system administrator implements the school admissions process and provides “school matches” to families. The system administrator works with individual schools to enroll students throughout the year.

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