3.3 Develop capacity to support enrollment, enrollment analytics, and choice activities


+ Identify key staff and the core functions required in order to ensure quality implementation of enrollment and choice activities.

Identify what functions are needed to support enrollment activities and whether there is existing capacity to fill these roles in the district. Then, develop a clear organizational chart and define the specific responsibilities for each position. See the Essential Resources and the Resource Exchange for organizational chart examples and job descriptions.

+ UE requires project and change management, analytics, engagement, and technical capacity.

Strategy and Design: Develop internal and external plan to create buy-in for school chooser activities and UE. Producing a school chooser and implementing UE requires that schools across sectors buy-in to the process.

Communications and Implementation: In order to reach all parents, districts must develop tools (e.g. comprehensive school guides) and widely distribute them through multiple platforms. Districts must create multiple touch-points with parents including phone canvassing and work with community organizations. Districts must also create and staff enrollment centers and coordinate enrollment events and establish a telephone hotline to assist parents with enrollment issues.

Analytics and Technology: Districts should partner with an organization that can build an algorithm for student assignments based on district preferences. Districts must build internal capacity to analyze enrollment trends and data to inform the portfolio review and planning process and ensure adequate technical support for parents and families with a new online enrollment system.