4 // Focus central office on creating the conditions & culture for innovation and support


+ Lever 4 involves exploring ways to adjust your central office to create the conditions and culture to encourage innovation. A central office in a System of Great Schools is focused on pushing resources to schools and supporting school-based efforts to serve their students.

Each Sublever represents a significant and impactful policy change. Sublever 4.1, for example, contemplates multiple policies, each of which is a significant undertaking. To get started, think about what potential autonomies or flexibilities may already exist in your district:

Can principal’s set their own schedules? What about budget? What are the implications of giving principals more autonomy in these areas?

Not all schools need to be granted autonomy right away. How might you structure a pilot? What autonomies would grant first? Who would you grant them to and why? What would you hope to learn?

Many of these policies, even more than the other levers, will represent a big shift for your district. Start small, communicate, and focus on what you already have in place that can be improved or adapted.

In SGS districts, the school is the “unit of change.” Your leaders and teachers are closest to the students and your most valuable resource. Lever 4 policies unleash the potential of each school, ensuring that leaders and teachers see the central office as a supporter and enabler of success, not an impediment.

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