6.3 Launch a citywide philanthropic organization dedicated to SGS and related activities


+ A citywide philanthropic organization can play a pivotal role in supporting SGS activities, namely new school creation and talent.

The organization can fund and support the creation and growth of high-quality schools (Sublever 2.2) through:

  • Assisting charter schools in applying for charters;
  • Recruiting proven charter operators;
  • Providing operational support for schools during incubation years;
  • Locating and funding a facility;
  • Funding turnaround and restart efforts.

This organization can also focus on developing and growing talent pipelines (Sublever 5.2) through:

  • Developing partnerships with proven talent providers (traditional and alternative, local and national);
  • Supporting and training for school leaders during an incubation year;
  • Matching and training board members.

+ This organization can also influence policy and bolster targeted district initiatives by acting as an impartial, third party validator of the SGS strategy and providing technical assistance to schools directly or indirectly.

The New Orleans harbormaster, New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO), influenced state policy on maintaining high charter authorization standards and helped to fund the Special Education Cooperative, an advocacy and support group that assists charter schools to better serve special education students. NSNO also provides technical assistance to schools across a variety of content areas.

In Indianapolis, The Mind Trust spearheaded a research and policy initiative to create a policy environment that supports innovation and portfolio strategy.

In Detroit, The Skillman Foundation supported and incubated the Detroit Parent Network (DPN). DPN provides resources and training to parents in addition to staffing school resource centers that assist parents in gaining access to and voicing their thoughts in schools. Skillman also developed annual report cards for all Detroit schools.