6.4 Develop capacity  to engage and partner with stakeholders


+ Building the capacity to support your communications plan and partnerships with external organizations starts with identifying district leadership in charge of the effort.

The superintendent and district board will play a pivotal role in messaging and developing partnerships with external organizations. A high-level district leader should also be placed in charge of the district’s overall communications plan (and its implementation) and report directly to the superintendent.

+ Identify what functions and resources are needed to support internal and external engagement and partner with external stakeholders.

If certain capacities don’t exist in the district, the district must explore options for adding this capacity through reassignment or adding additional staff (e.g. dedicated staff to collect input from parents).

The district should develop a clear organizational chart and define the specific responsibilities for each position. See the Resource Exchange for organizational chart examples.

Consider the following core functions and questions when structuring this office:

  • Strategy and Design: This should be led by the superintendent and district leadership.

  • Communications and Implementation: What is your district’s message?

  • Data Collection: How will you collect data? What data will you collect? Who will collect these data and how often will you collect them?


An organizational chart and clear roles and responsibilities for district staff charged with engagement activities