6 // Engage & partner with the community


+ Strategic engagement, coordination with city stakeholders, and communication are critical to successful implementation of all SGS Levers. Explore ways to make SGS a city-wide effort and not just an isolated education initiative.

Districts that implement (and continue to refine) a strong communications strategy can:

Grow family support for and confidence in district initiatives.

Increase participation in SGS strategies (new school opening, talent pipeline, autonomy provisions, etc.) by existing school district staff.

Develop a broad coalition of support from key stakeholders in the community to help mitigate potential barriers to quality implementation.

+ Supporting a citywide entity that coordinates philanthropy and service providers (often called a "harbormaster") can align giving and services to bolster SGS initiatives.

Many districts implementing SGS strategies have created or benefitted from harbormasters. These organizations pool and strategically deploy philanthropy to coordinate services and increase the profile of the district.

Nationally, harbormasters often focus on school supply, talent, and technical assistance. A harbormaster is not a necessary condition for SGS success, but they can often provide critical support.

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