The System of Great Schools addresses the structural changes needed for a district to:

Better manage school performance

Create more great options for kids and families

Ensure equitable access to great school options exists for all kids and families

If your district is interested in any of the above topics, the below roadmap will be useful to you.



Year 1: Roadmap

To support districts on the System of Great Schools strategies, TEA has developed a SGS Year 1 Roadmap. The Roadmap takes district teams through a sequence of steps that will build a solid foundation in the first year.


Key Resource for Year 1: SGS Implementation Roadmap (Beta)

This spreadsheet is an integrated project plan that spans across all Year 1 activities, including a suggested scope and sequence and links to additional helpful resources to support and empower Chief Transformation (or Innovation) Officers in leading this work.


Step 1: Understand SGS and Evaluate District Current State

Understand the SGS theory of action and evaluate your district's current aligment against the strategy.


Step 2: Launch SGS Design Team and Develop Plan

Develop an SGS design and launch team to support and drive this work. Identify Year 1 SGS levers to implement and customize the "SGS Implementation Roadmap" (download link above) to align with this vision.



Step 3: Define "Great" and Conduct Quality Seats Analysis

Develop a definition of a Great School and conduct a quality seats analysis to understand where your schools stand.



Step 4: Determine Schools Actions to Take

Develop an annual process to assess how your schools are doing against your definition of a great school. Identify your most at-need campuses and determine what actions to take, including opening new schools and expanding existing ones.


Step 5: Plan and Execute School Actions

Take school actions, including by conducting a Call for Quality Schools to identify high quality partners, adopting rigorous authorizing policies, and providing internal teams with design and implementation support.



Step 6: Align Talent and Central Office to Support Schools

Develop talent pipelines to support existing and new schools and organize talent systems to attract, develop, and retain high quality teachers and leaders. Ensure the central office is aligned to support schools.